Dona will be doing the following workshop at  CMEA

“Rhythms, Rhymes & Mamma Goose”

Presented by: Dona Ramsey Kendrick
Thursday, January 24, 2019 at 3:00 PM –GMC (General Music Council)

Dona offers the following workshops to enhance early literacy skills through the use of music:

Ideas that Motivate Students to Learn (Pre-Kindergarten – 2nd Grade)

Designed for Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, First and Second Grade Teachers, Music Specialists, Reading Specialists, Special Education Staff, Administrators and Parents of young Homeschool Children

This workshop will give you the following:

  • Practical strategies, tools and techniques for helping emergent readers/writers gain essential language skills by using songs, even if singing is not one of your strengths!
  • Fresh ways to engage students in the power and joy of reading/ writing through sounds and songs, rhymes and rhythm, voice,
and vocabulary.
  • Easily used songs, chants, rhythms, games, technology APPS and innovative methods that maximize your children’s interest in literature and reading.
  • Proven activities, useful ideas, an extensive resource handbook, and a specially designed recording you can use immediately with your students.

Practical Ideas and Strategies for the Early Learner

This workshop has been designed 
to help you strengthen your early literacy program by enhancing current, best teaching practices through the use of songs, music, and outstanding children’s literature and stories. While giving you dozens of ways
to help all your young students learn the complex skills of reading. 
Dona Ramsey Kendrick will show you how to enhance children’s phonemic awareness, strengthen their phonics skills, and improve their vocabulary and comprehension through the use of songs, chants, rhymes, and rhythm. All the music in the workshop is quickly learned and easily used, even by those who have little background or experience in music, and all the strategies you’ll receive are practical and classroom proven.

The focus of this workshop is on concrete, hands-on methods that improve students’ acquisition of literacy skills while increasing participation, new ways to engage your students in learning, and helping each child acquire a love of language. In addition, this workshop will nourish parents and teachers’ hearts so they can be even more effective in their work with children. The workshop will clearly demonstrate that music does not need to be one of your strengths in order to use songs effectively in your classroom. You’ll leave with 
new insights, innovative teaching strategies, extensive resource notes used in the workshop, and a renewed enthusiasm for teaching.


Ten Key Benefits of Attending

1. Build Strong Skills for Emergent Readers

      1. How to increase student engagement and motivation for learning about words and language … A variety of innovative, motivating teaching strategies that incorporate songs and music, even if singing is not one of your strengths

2. Strengthen Phonics and Phonemic Awareness Skills

      1. Learn proven ways to teach highly effective lessons in phonics and phonemic awareness … Discover the essential skills for a comprehensive reading program and how to add songs, chants and easy-to-use music activities

3. Learn High-Frequency Words the Easy Way

      1. Classroom-proven techniques that grab students’ interest and help them master high-frequency words … Ways to make learning easy, fun and lasting

4. Integrate Songs into Guided Reading Instruction

      1. Enhance your guided reading instruction through sounds and songs, rhymes and rhythm, voice, and vocabulary … Small group teaching techniques that support and inspire young readers

5. Strengthen Reading Skills Through Literacy Centers

      1. Involve your students in reinforcing literacy activities by incorporating songs and music into your literacy centers … Ideas that are easy to use and capture the interest of all students

6. Increase Vocabulary and Comprehension Skills

      1. Use songs as “memory hooks” to build students’ vocabulary and deepen their understanding … Learn to use the power of oral language to increase reading skills

Make the Connection Between Songs and the Best of Children’s Literature

      1. Connect songs and verses with outstanding books … Learn classroom-proven ways to extend new and familiar stories while increasing your students’ confidence to become capable readers

8. Nourish Your Students’ Reading/Writing Connection

      1. Use simple songwriting strategies to reinforce the connection between reading and writing … Integrate literacy skills in motivating ways through music

9. Ensure that Every Child Will Learn

      1. Unlock the power of music to motivate and challenge every student in your class … learn about technology apps to use with young children. Incorporate easy-to-use brain research and multiple intelligence activities to stimulate a wide range of learners

10. Increase Your Teaching Options

      1. Dozens of innovative, motivating, classroom-ready lessons and ideas will be demonstrated (Each participant will receive extensive resource notes specifically designed to enhance the teaching of early literacy skills)


Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Dona Ramsey Kendrick continues to inspire and delight thousands of educators with
her innovative ways of blending literature, language, songs, movement, and games in ways that enliven and energize the teaching of literacy skills. All
her ideas are grounded in many years of working with children and teachers. The dozens of practical ideas and strategies you will receive have all been thoroughly classroom-tested to meet the needs of a wide variety of students.

Dona has written numerous children’s books, children’s songs and many articles for educators’ journals. In addition, she is the author of Enhancing Early Literacy Skills Through the Use of Music: Ideas that Motivate Students
to Learn (Pre-Kindergarten –
2nd Grade), the extensive resource handbook each participant
will receive at the seminar. Her presentations are fast-moving, practical, fun, thoughtful and filled with an abundance of classroom-proven ideas, and punctuated with songs and stories that touch the heart and nourish our own pride in being teachers.

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