What Your Colleagues Say About Dona Ramsey Kendrick
Best, fastest moving workshop in a long time.
– Kathy McCormack, Hartford, CT

This seminar was FANTASTIC! You asked for three ideas I’ll bring back and use. Forget three, I’m going to use them ALL!! Thank you for sharing your expertise and enthusiasm for teaching.
– Rachael Kerr, Little Falls, MN

This was absolutely wonderful. I learned so much. It was the best professional development I have EVER been to. I would have loved to have another day with her. I can’t wait until some of her work is published.
– Pamela Wright, St. Louis, MO

Lots of great ideas, fun and great connections to literacy!
– Brenda Winghausen, Derbyline, VT

This was more than amazing! I can probably re-write my entire planbook for the year after this seminar! Chock-full of fun and educationally sound learning activities.
– Deborah Curylo, Avon, CT

This is the best inservice I’ve been to in a decade!
– Julie Aune, Markato, MN

Dona has exceeding all of my expectations of this seminar. She is an amazing role model for teachers and students alike. All of the information and material is of high quality for all programs. I have taken a plethora of knowledge from today and will implement it into my skills.
– Ken Beere II, New Egypt, NJ

Wonderful! Whether you’re a new teacher, have a few years under your belt or have been doing it for a long time – this was a wonderful eye opener with many helpful ideas. Loved it!
– Eva Moriarty, Auburn, NY

I am thrilled, excited, and eager to return to my classroom – renewed, refreshed, and refocused.
– Mary Morgan-Corbitt, St. Peters, MO

Dona Ramsey Kendrick is obviously passionate about teaching children and how music is the best tool to teach concepts, language, love, peace, respect, self image, self awareness of potential and confidence, and how to have fun. Thanks for the inspiration.
– Jane Brandt, S. Roxana, IL

She is on fire and shows her love for music. What a wonderful inspiration she is. Thanks for making learning so much fun.
– Connie LaChance, Festus, MO

I feel motivated to sing, dance and play with my students on Monday. The enthusiasm was infectious and made me feel I am doing a good job.
– Esmeralda Bank, Cicero, IL

Dona’s energy and passion for teaching is amazing and contagious! I learned a lot of great ideas to implement into my classroom tomorrow.
– Kristin Bower, Bradley Beach, NJ

Dona put her heart and soul into this day. I have learned so much from her. This is Dona’s calling.
– Deborah Berrelli, Middle Village, NY

Mrs. Ramsey is a wonderful teacher and loves what she does. She made me remember how important my job is to teach the “little things” and make a difference in the world – one child at a time.
– Meredith Vanglider, Jackson, MO

I love how Dona is using practical techniques and everyday items to encourage a love for literacy and math. I will definitely use these strategies in my classroom to address the multiple learners in my classroom.
– Atiya Easterling, Philadelphia, PA

It was a wonderful experience to learn about all the activities/possibilities music can bring to the classroom. The enthusiasm and passion of Dona were inspiring and contagious.
– Daniela Giralt, Chicago, IL

Wonderful, delightful, very useful information and techniques on incorporating music to help with reading, listening, and following directions! Thanks so much!
– Nancy Fleck, Williamstown, NJ

One of the best seminars I have attended. I have gained more insight into teaching literacy through the use of music in this day than I thought imaginable.
– Jennifer Henslin, Owatonna, MN

So many songs that are easy to remember and versatile to use throughout the curriculum. What a fun class! Uplifting!
– Virginia Weber, Roosevelt, NJ

Inspiring, fun, interactive, uplifting, and motivating. Great presenter, looked everyone in the eyes as they spoke. Lots of participation and openly shared the passion we feel for teaching.
– Patty Munson, Shirley, NY