Original Books written by Dona Ramsey

A Hunting We Will Go – A –Z ©2013
This children’s book takes you on a journey through a delightful alphabetical romp as you travel on a hunting trip with a familiar folk song from the past. You will meet Ants who will NEVER say, “Can’t,” a Beaver who is a HIGH achiever, a Goose who loves to shake his ‘caboose,’ and many more. You will love singing this book with your young child until they, too, can sing this story on their own. They will learn the alphabet and rhyming.Order this ebook on Amazon for your Kindle at this link.

Seamore, the Sure-footed Seagull © 2013
Seamore is a talented bird specializing in one point landings due to an unfortunate prior incident which claimed part of a leg. Seamore is a rhyming story about understanding how it feels to be bullied and made fun of. Boys and girls fall in love with Seamore and learn a valuable lesson how to never give up, always keep on trying in life and you will be successful.Order this ebook on Amazon for your Kindle or Ipad

It’s a GOOD Thing ©2007

Six Little Snowmen©2011

This Old Halloween© 2010

Wendell, The Little Wheel © 2006