My passion is teaching MUSIC to children; by singing, dancing, rhythms, instruments, games, movement, repetition, improvisation, and whenever possible, outstanding children’s literature integration. I have witnessed countless sightings of the “magic of music and power of songs” in my work with children for forty+ years as a teacher in public schools, parochial schools, church, private music studio and as a parent and grandparent. Teaching as a General Music Specialist for two decades in a public school music classroom deepened my passion for integrating music education with children’s literature and the technological potential which can double or triple teaching and content possibilities. The potential to enhance student engagement and learning is limitless!

We know from past research that music connections begin before a child is born. The prime time for students to establish steady beat and pitch is from age two to four and a half. Parents can certainly help instill these essential developmental skills.

My students tell me that “songs help them learn and remember with greater ease,” “songs can help heal my hurts,” and “music can help me relax and drift off to sleep.” I agree with what my students have discovered about music. Music education helps students engage in a love for learning.

The relatively new and rapidly evolving world of technology has changed the way we teach in today’s educational arena. Technology can instantly bring the world into our world of learning. It is easy to recognize the power of learning using songs, music games, movement, steady beat and rhythms available through a huge wealth of musical activities and learning experiences. When we combine a few outstanding music apps to enhance the student learning experience success is certain to be on the horizon! (Always be careful to limit ‘screen’ time to no more than 2 hours per day.)